Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sexy Sarah Palin

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the perfect day for turkey, family, and some good old Sarah Palin bashing.

Newsweek recently printed two essays that discussed how she’s ruining the Republican Party, but that’s not what got people’s (and Sarah Palin’s) attention. They released this photo on the cover, which is from a photoshoot she did with Runner’s Weekly magazine:


Apparently, she denounced the photo on her Facebook, calling it sexist and irrelevant. While it’s true that the photo was used to mock her, I don’t think it’s either of the above. Sure, she says she was promoting fitness in a country where weight is an issue. But did she have to do it in short shorts with her legs oiled up? I think anyone running for office or considering getting involved in politics should keep their body covered and focus on the issues in a serious way.

Sarah Palin seems to love calling everyone sexist. The problem for her isn’t that she’s held to a different standard than men, but that she’s held to the same standard. Apparently she’s not comfortable with the fact that she can’t flash her body and get away with it.


  1. Ahh Sarah Palin. I think you hit the point head on. "The problem for her isn’t that she’s held to a different standard than men, but that she’s held to the same standard. Apparently she’s not comfortable with the fact that she can’t flash her body and get away with it."
    The problem is that she DOES get away with it. Sure, she is mocked on Saturday Night Live, but really, consider her political savvy to media mockery ratio.
    I think a certain Saturday Night Live skit exemplifies her foolishness. For a satire, they used an interview she gave. Normal fare. Except they didn't change the text of the interview. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler changed tone a bit from her original comments, but the substance of what they said was the same. And it was considered satire.
    I can't wait for the 2012 campaign.

  2. My concern is not what she's wearing or not wearing, but more why the hell is she on the cover of Newsweek? When was the last time you saw an ex-vice presidential candidate make the cover of a magazine over a year after losing an election? Why are we still so damn fascinated with her and her complete lack of political knowledge and insane family? I just don't get it. I've yet to see Joe Biden make a solo cover of Newsweek...and actually does have the second highest political office in the country.

  3. I completely agree with Jacquie in that-a year later-we still have this fascination with Sarah Palin. She was dumb during the election, she is no longer mayor, and she is still just as dumb and unqualified as before. She seems to be looking in every career path to find something that suits her (with author being her current title) and yet we still follow her every step.
    Also, as for oiling her legs and wearing shorts, I doubt that was fully her idea. The magazine just wanted more exposure (which I'm sure it got given our fascination) and used artificial means and probably photoshop to achieve that.

  4. I agree. Sarah Palin just isn’t worth talking about anymore. She really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The media likes to mock her because it is what sells I guess. Newsweek is just as guilty as the people who produced the porno ’Nalin Palin.

  5. One key fact missing here is that Sarah Palin took that photo for a fitness magazine, and then Newsweek took it without authorization to use it on their cover. At least she wasn't actually exposing her body out of context. Still, the scary thing is that, like Jacquie said, she is still front and center to the point that she is a cover story. It's far less important what she was wearing on that cover. She just won't go away...autobiographies, daytime talk shows, flashy magazine covers... it's just another example of how many Americans prefer entertainment over substance. So many other politicians are more worthy of our time and our magazines.

  6. In this case, I'm (gulp) a little sympathetic to Sarah Palin. Women face so much more scrutiny about what's appropriate or not - we call this shot sexy, but if a guy showed up in photos wearing similar athletic attire, we wouldn't even blink an eye. She's hardly parading about in a bikini or anything. To me, this is similar to when liberals mock Ann Coulter for being unattractive - can't we just stick to the many deeply stupid things they say and leave the fashion policing to shallower sorts?